A Fiber Artist's Material List

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Hello fellow Fiber Friends,

One of the most frequent questions from you fellow crafters and artists are where I get my supplies from and which kind of rope I use for my fiber art and other DIY projects. You have been waiting and asking long enough and I decided to finally share a couple of my most used supplies and materials.

I will try to keep this list as updated as possible so you can keep coming back to this Blog-Post for updates.

Here we go:

Image: knotandrope.com

MY FAVORITE SUPPLIER (shes got it all): https://niromastudio.com/?rfsn=3363514.37d720

Single strand Macrame cotton cord (4mm +3mm):

4mm: https://amzn.to/2AEk83s

3mm: https://amzn.to/31Nl8OF

1/2 inch twisted cotton rope:


1 inch twisted cotton rope: